How to Make a Layer Cake

A single layer cake is good, but multiple layers are twice as nice! Learn how to make the perfect layered cake with these tips.

1. Stack cold cake! Chilled cake is easier to assemble.
2. Layers will also stack easier if they have flat surfaces, so pick a cake recipe that bakes flat.
3. If your cake is not flat on top, use a long serrated knife to trim off the top of the cake.
4. For a pretty presentation, make sure layers are the same height.
5. For the frosted layers, use an offset spatula to apply frosting. Spread the frosting so it extends over the edge of the cake.
6. Cover the entire cake in a thin layer of frosting. This is referred to as a “crumb coat” because it seals in crumbs.
7. Let the cake chill in the fridge for 15 minutes so the frosting sets. Then frost the cake with a generous amount of your favorite frosting!

What are your tips for making layer cakes? Let us know in the comments.

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