Diets of Olympic Athletes

It should be no surprise that Olympic athletes eat a lot of food. When you’re pushing your body to the limits, you have to give it the proper fuel it needs to perform at the highest level. Here’s what several athletes eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Gymnast Johnathan Horton eats a protein packed breakfast of eggs whites and toast, a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch and lean red meat for dinner.

The 6′ 9” sand volleyball player Phil Dalhausser relies on a protein shake and smoothie to get energized in the morning. For lunch he eats even more protein, snacking on a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread.

Here’s an odd one. Jamaica sprinter Yohan Blake said he eat 16 bananas a day!

Swimmer Ryan Lochte undertook an intense lifting regimen to prepare for the games. He cut out junk food and soda from his diet, but his post workout meal of grilled chicken breasts with Alfredo sauce, whole-grain spaghetti and a salad with lemon juice and olive oil sounds pretty delicious.

Venus Williams sticks to a raw vegan diet. She snacks on uncooked fruits and veggies as well as juices, sprout salads and lentils.

It’s been reported that Michael Phelps eats 8,000 calories a day. His enormous breakfast consists of fried egg sandwiches, pancakes, grits and toast.

Wonder what Ancient Olympic Athletes ate? Records show that ancient Olympians ate a lot of meat because most athletes were from the upper classe and their families could afford it. They also ate dried figs before competition because they were believed to build muscle and stamina.

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