To Eat In or Dine Out…That is the Question!

In my case, I did both this week. Why choose one when you can have both? I prepared a fantastic Mediterranean dinner that also served as the next day’s work lunch AND I had dinner at my favorite local BBQ place (Guy Fieri is a fan)…read on to see what I ate and how you can make your own version of my fab dinner/lunch!

Sometimes you have to treat yourself, and I did that this week with a visit to Smoque, my local BBQ joint. The chopped brisket is my favorite item on the menu, followed by the pulled pork sandwich. Their sides are also to die for: a vinegar cole slaw (I am not a fan of mayo), mac and cheese (decadent) and baked beans that have just the right touch of brown sugar. They serve baby back ribs and the St. Louis style as well. They utilize the perfect dry rubs, and their sauces are available for purchase (a crate for me, please).

On the self-creation end, I prepared a Greek-inspired meal with a rich spicy hummus (freshly ground cayenne is a must, as is garlic) and a creamy chicken pita. I usually like my chicken grilled with veggies and on the dry side (I know, I know) but I went all out with this recipe and made the mixture creamy and flavorful with touches of allspice and cumin:

Make your own versions of my dish with these recipes:
Chicken Pita
Dijon Chicken Pitas
Roasted Garlic Hummus

Delightful Hummus Recipe

Sometimes we go somewhere that serves a huge heaping of food (never a problem!) or make too much of an item for dinner: I love having these lunch options for the following day! How about you? Let me know in the COMMENTS.

Until tomorrow (new freebies),


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  • Charles

    I enjoy making hummus in the summer with pitas and a cucumber sauce.

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