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A Bloody Mary on a Sunday is often a gift from the alcohol gods after a Saturday night out. Keep reading for my favorite recipes and how you can spice up (literally and figuratively) a classic Sunday Funday cocktail.

A little hair of the dog, perhaps? I usually keep my Fridays pretty tame, so Saturdays are, by comparison, leaning a bit towards the ridiculous, which usually results in the need of a potent cocktail on Sunday afternoon. Although I had some pretty superb blueberry mojitos this weekend, I usually start my drinking session off with a standard Bloody Mary. The best part about this cocktail is how customizable it is! Like lemons? Skewer up a couple with a pickle and toss them in! Prefer salami and peppers? It’s practically a meal in a glass.

Spice up a Bloody Mary with a touch of Tabasco and an extra dose of Worcestershire; the best thing about so many Sunday Funday bars is that they have a Bloody Mary bar with an assortment of hot sauce choices. Even if you collect your favorites at home, you may never have the variety that a bar or restaurant has accumulated.

How can you customize a Bloody Mary even further? Add a touch of horseradish or pickled veggies. The one I enjoyed this weekend came with a skewer full of lemons, peppers, meat and pickles; the best part was the hard-boiled egg (with a touch of spice) and a Guinness shooter on the side. At $8.50, I was amazed at the quality of my drink, and can’t wait to make it at home!

Whether you like yours with cucumber vodka (try this recipe!) or a twist on the classic (tequila, OJ and tomato juice, anyone?), there is a drink calling your name on a Sunday morning (or afternoon, if you like).

How do you keep your cocktails creative and hearty? Let me know in the COMMENTS!

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  • Jess

    I love a good Bloody Mary! Yum! I like mine extra spicy!

  • Charles

    Eggs with Bloody Marys…hmmmmmm, sounds good

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