Creative Cake Decorations

I can’t resist a slice of cake, but even more so when the cake is creatively decorated. Next time you’re planning a party, try these cute decorations yourself. You’ll never need to get cakes from the bakery again!

Glitter: Yup, edible glitter exists! This will definitely bring Ohs and Ahs from your guests.

Cookie Cutter Shapes: Lay a cookie cutter on top of the cake and fill with sprinkles or powdered sugar to create fun designs.

Sprinkles: I love sprinkles on my ice cream cones, so why not try them on cakes too!

Sliced Fruit: Arrange your favorite fruit on top for an impressive looking cake.

Comb It: Create texture by running a clean comb over the surface of the cake.

What’s your favorite way to decorate a cake?

Photos courtesy of Real Simple and Apollinas.

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  • Linda

    frost the cake & use 2 of your fingers, just like fingerpainting.

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