50 Shades of Grey: The Foodie Edition

You probably know that there are a variety of foods that increase your libido (aphrodisiacs, as it were). Which ones can you create for dinner or dessert, and which foods should you avoid that decrease your libido? Keep reading to find out!

It’s not even close to being Valentine’s Day, but with the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey skyrocketing, we wanted to provide you with some tasty treats that will help improve your sex life! In the book, Christian Grey always makes sure that Anastasia is well-fed, and you will be too with these choices!

There are most definitely certain foods that will keep you feeling in a, shall we say, romantic kind of mood…

These natural aphrodisiacs are rich in zinc, which helps boosts testosterone levels. Oysters also contain an amino acid that helps increase dopamine levels, equaling a higher sex drive.

We all know that dark chocolate is a healthier option when it comes to indulging in a chocolate dessert, and it also contains PEA, a chemical that makes those who eat it feel euphoric; it is known to increase romantic feelings, and that’s why it’s such a favorite amongst women AND a popular gift (even in a red box, sadly) on Valentine’s Day. Try these Dark Chocolate Cacao Cookies: cacao is also known to make you feel happy and in the mood!

This sweet treat can be added to many meals, from breakfast to dinner and beyond. Honey boosts estrogen and testosterone levels, and in the medieval times, newly-married couples drank mead (made from honey!) to ensure that their wedding night was everything they hoped it could be.

Not only do they make for an excellent quick breakfast, but bananas of course contain potassium that helps keep up your  sexual stamina. Try this Mind-Blowing Butter Pecan Banana Cake recipe! Go out for oysters (or make them at home!) and then serve up this rich cake for dessert.

Hot Peppers
The name alone suggests romance, and hot peppers contain capsaicin (which makes them hot!), which increases the blood flow, which is something that typically happens when things with your main squeeze get hot and heavy.

Other foods to consider are watermelon, asparagus and ginger.

Things to AVOID include mints (menthol reduces testosterone), cilantro, soy products and alcohol. You may think that a bottle of wine will get things going, but it’s more likely to stop romance dead in its tracks…not to mention that sloppy kissing just isn’t cute!

What foods do you prepare for date night, or what is your partner’s favorite meal? Let me know in the COMMENTS!

Until tomorrow (freebie time!),



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  • Penny

    I gotta make these recipes for my Boyfriend and I!

  • Winifred

    I would make some oysters for Sir.

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