Cute Recipe Cards


Back before we had computers and stored everything electronically, recipes were shared the old fashioned way-by hand. I think it’s time recipe cards make a comeback. It’s a lot more personal and thoughtful when someone takes the time the write out a recipe for you.A search I did on Etsy for recipe cards pulled up over 4,000 to choose from! So pick a design that suits you, and share your favorite recipes with someone you care about.


The lovebird design of these cards would make a great wedding gift. Don’t forget to write down your favorite recipes for the newlyweds to cook together!



These customizable cards with lemons and limes are perfect for sharing summer recipes.

I would love to add these vintage inspired cards to my collection.

Darling cards for sharing drink recipes (or anything you can store in jar!)

I love the cute sayings on these cards.

Are you a fan of recipe cards? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Peggy Davis

    I LOVE recipe cards. I host a cookie exchange every year and I am the only one who still hand writes my recipe cards.

  • Dee

    I LOVE this point! I am one of the few younger, old school recipe holders lol I have a couple vintage recipe boxes and recipe cards that are multiple generations old. This is a our family’s heirloom (recipes). When someone asks for a recipe of mine, it is hand written on a decrative recipe card. However all of mine are found on the basic, 5 million cards in a pack, index. I CAN’T take the chance of a computer crashing and losing my family history.

  • Shirley Keller

    I love recipe cards, & always give wedding gifts with a few handwritten favorite recipes tucked inside. Unfortunately, I find they are getting harder & harder to find as people either don’t cook or save everything electronically. I have recipes saved on my computer as well, but will always have that recipe card with the handwritten copy as my backup & go to copy!

    For my youngest daughters graduation I got her a nice recipe album, and included a request in her announcements for everyone to send one or two recipes on 3 x 5 cards as that is the size sleeves I had gotten for the album. She had a really nice recipe collection to start her life in her own apartment with.

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