My Favorite Restaurants in the Burbs


For those of you that don’t know, many of our editors live in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs. I just graduated from college, so as much as I would love an apartment in the city I’m toughing it out at home to save some cash. Luckily, you don’t have to live downtown to experience great food.

Whenever I’m in the mood for Mexican food, burgers or pizza, changes are you’ll find me at one of these joints.

Edzo’s Burger Shop: I’m a bit of a health freak and I never feel the least bit guilty after eating a burger and milkshake from Edzo’s. That’s how good they are. I prefer the thin and juicy griddled burgers.

Tom and Eddies: Another great burger joint you’ve gotta try. When my mom doesn’t feel like cooking, this is where my family goes to dinner. My favorite is the edamame burger with goat cheese.

The Silo: Hands down my favorite restaurant on the North Shore. I dream of their pan pizza-the fluffy, chewy crust and gooey cheese will have you coming back again and again.

Zapatista: My coworkers introduced me to this great Mexican place. We love to head there on Tuesday nights for $5 mojitos. I’m a fan of the chipotle-caesar dressing on their ceasar salad.

The Liberty: An affordable menu and friendly staff keep me coming back to this spot. It’s perfect for Sunday brunch.

Dave’s Italian Kitchen: Great homemade Italian food makes this place a family favorite. The fact that it’s been around 40 years proves that fact.

Portillo’s: Chopped salad, hot dogs, chocolate cake shakes-what’s not to love about Portillos? They serve up some of the best Chicago style food.

My fellow suburbanites, what are your favorite restaurants? Let me know in the comments.


Photo courtesy of The Silo

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  • Deena

    Yardhouse is amazing in the Glen, you guys should check it out!

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