New Spins on Classic Mexican Cuisine

Do you love the tasty ingredients of Mexican food, but are you tired of making plain old ground beef tacos and cheese quesadillas? Keep reading to learn more about the Mexican feasts we like to make, and how you can do them at home. One of my favorite places to dine is called Zapatista, and the picture above shows my most recent meal at this locale. I ordered vegetarian quesadillas and a shrimp salad. Not so exciting, you say? Well, there were a couple of extra touches that made this meal ever the more special.

The quesadillas: When making quesadillas at home, there are a few tricks for increasing flavor. What’s inside the quesadilla doesn’t cook once it’s in the tortilla, but rather, before you put it in. So the key to making great quesadillas is to cook your vegetables and meat well before you add in the cheese and tortilla.

Here are some quesadilla recipes to get you started:
Cheesy Green Chili Quesadillas – If you have flour tortillas on hand, you can make hundreds of meals, including this delicious dish!
Southwest Chicken Quesadillas – For a delicious and quick meal try this recipe for Southwest style chicken quesadillas.

The Salad: Mixing up the ingredients is the key to a successful salad. I love that this salad had shredded apples, walnuts, and even fried shrimp. The ingredients were so unexpected, and yet refreshing together.

Here are some unconventional salads for you to try:
Mexican Black Bean Salad – Add some flavor to your salad with black beans, corn, cilantro, green peppers and much more.
Caribbean Shrimp Salad – You will feel like you are dining in Caribbean once you take a bit of this sensational salad.

Tell me, foodies: What makes your salads and quesadillas extra special?

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