How to Make Pizza Muffins

I’m always looking for new ways to serve favorite dishes. Everyone loves pizza, but there has to be a more creative way to prepare it right? Behold the pizza muffin.

These bite sized pizzas make great appetizers, or I’ll whip some up to pack in my lunch. Here are some of my favorite recipes.

Pizza Muffins: These bite size pizzas make a great appetizer. Feel free to add in your favorite toppings.

Pizza Puffs: Bite sized pizza treats.

Easy Pizza Muffins: Whether you need a quick snack for yourself or an appetizer for a party, these pizza muffins are the perfect go-to dish!

South of the Border Pizza Muffins: An easy recipe to whip for a quick lunch.

Healthy Engligh Muffin Pizzas: A healthy way to enjoy pizza.

If you have any other clever ideas on how to serve pizza, share them in the comments!

  • Smita

    Where is the recipe for pizza muffins… it keeps on taking me to several links without actually displaying the recipe

  • Yolanda Johnson

    Thank you!!!

  • jasmine

    i love pizza muffins but i don’t know how to make it or my family.

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