Recap: What I Ate and Drank…Chicago-Style

In the past week, I have enjoyed a plethora of cuisine and libations, but some stood out more than others. From restaurants and lunches to tasty at-home creations, keep reading to see what was awesome and what was pretty much a #FAIL!

This past weekend /week included a fair amount of indulgence in Chicago at The Portage, Dugan’s, Hopleaf, Revolution and, sadly, Sluggers (this “World-Class” drinking establishment considers Bud Light the go-to beer).

The High Points:

The Portage
This joint has uh-mah-zing bacon-wrapped dates. Every time I come back, I want more. And more.

You know those trendy restaurants that often change their menu seasonally? I’m happy to report that some of them keep the favorites on the menu…always! These include blue cheese and an apple-cider gastrique. YUM! Their duck fat fries aren’t too bad, either<——sucker for a good aioli!

On the giggle juice side of things, the drink I enjoyed most was the Summer Warm Up: house watermelon juice, basil, citrus vodka and a chili-salt rim. Boy did that salt rim top that drink off! It was the right about of spice and every oh-so-Summery-nice.


This is my favorite beer-focused bar in Chicago. They recently remodeled the joint in order to accommodate more restless booze-hounds (the wait times could often get beyond ridiculous), and I welcomed that remodel with open arms.

When it comes to alcohol-soaking-up delicacies, we had a variety of Chef Martin’s Alpine sausages served with bourbon pancetta and fingerling potatoes. The stone fruit salad was also an excellent option, though it did little to soak up the high-alcohol beer options.

Revolution Brewery
This is the place to be on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday Funday. My favorites from my last visit were the Double Fist (a double pale ale with some crazy-awesome hops) and the Coup d’Etat (a French-inspired Saison with earthy touches and a hint of citrus). Soak up your booze, hound, with a fantastic giant soft pretzel (comes with stone ground mustard and a beer cheese dipping sauce in a bowl big enough for soup).

Dugan’s and Sluggers
Not much to be said in either case here. The West Loop storefront bar (Dugan’s) with creepy dance floor in back (that I had completely forgotten about) came complete with a crazy woman singing to herself at the bar and talking to the television sets. Sluggers is where Wrigleyville drunks go to dance and die, but as a friend was in from out of town, she wanted to revisit the place where we had so many (hilarious drunk-dancing) memories. The beer is watered down at Sluggers and Dugan’s didn’t have the ONE beer I really wanted. I often find that it’s best to stick to the quaint Chicago ‘hoods (Andersonville, Lincoln Square, Roscoe Village) instead of relying on Wrigley or the Loop to give you a good time. One thing is certain: at least I know they will have my favorite craft beers on draft or by the bottle.

Don’t you get excited when you find stuff in your cabinets that you forgot you even owned? In this case, it was taco shell forms for taco salad. I made homemade tortillas, placed them in those puppies and put them in the oven for 8 minutes. Voila! Gorgeous taco salad shells to hold my awesome ground turkey and avocado masterpiece. To say I was pleased with myself would be an understatement.

What have you had to eat or drink lately that blew your mind (or disappointed)? Let me know in the COMMENTS!

Until tomorrow with another fantastic giveaway (if I do say so myself),


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    I love a good brewski.

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    I need to get to Chicago

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