Top 5 Summer Cake Flavors

Let it be known, I’m always a bit unconventional when it comes to cakes. While yellow and chocolate cakes are definitely crowd pleasers, there’s something incredibly refreshing and unique about a homemade Tres Leches or Strawberry Torte cake. Keep reading to see my top 5 favorite cake recipes, including one that I had custom-made just a couple of weeks ago!

So here begins my countdown!

5. Pastel de Tres Leches
With origins in Mexico, this cake is known for being incredibly moist because of all the extra milk and cream inside. Almost like eating Tiramisu, your cake feels soaked in lots of refreshing flavor. It’s definitely one of my favorites to eat and make at home, and you can try this recipe for a dessert that will definitely be a hit.

4. Strawberry Torte Cake
I admit that before I found this recipe, most of my strawberry torte cakes were purchased in the grocery store. However, since it’s basically just pound cake, a whipped cream frosting, and loads of strawberries, I knew it was time to find a DIY version. Try this gem of a recipe for a super quick and super popular dessert.

3. Angel Food Cake
This cake is light, and gives you the opportunity to eat dessert even after you’ve filled up on a succulent, barbecued meal. Our Angel Food Cake recipe is plain, so you can feel free to customize it after baking with fresh berries, or virtually any kind of fruit you like!

2. Raspberry Cake
Fellow editor Emilie’s favorite cake in the summer has a raspberry-flavored base and frosting, giving it a warm berry color and an absolutely delectable taste. Check out our recipe that includes chocolate, and here’s another one that uses the flavor of Jell-O!

1. Key Lime Cake
My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE kind of cake, my wedding cake in the picture above, is the lovely Key Lime Cake. Ever since having a Key Lime cupcake a couple of years back, I cannot get this unique flavor out of my mind! Usually reserved for the more well-known Key Lime Pie, the flavor of limes lends itself well to cake. My only suggestion is to halve the amount of lime juice that the recipe calls for if you want a milder cake. The lime flavor can be strong for many people, including me. Get the recipe here!

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  • http://facebook Iris E. Washington

    I would love to win the mixer even if i’m not a professional baker.I would use the mixer to make recipes of my own and from cook books as well as the internet.

  • http://receipeforliving Shirley Morris

    My favorite cake flavor is raspberry and I love to bake. Every time I need to look for a receipe I look on the internet.

  • Linda Brenner

    I’m a grandmother of 28 and great grandmother of 11.I have worn-out 2 kitchen aid mixer teaching my 6 children and grandchildren how to cook and bake. We have made pizza dough, pretzels, fresh light bread, lots and lots of cookies,cupcakes, pies and cakes. I’m totally excited that my great grandchildren are getting old enough to start cooking and baking with Gi Gi. Baking is one of my favorite pastime along with quilting. I think my favorite cake is a fresh lemon cake with a seven minute frosting topped with toasted coconut. I make this cake every for December 24 which is my birthday. I have had two white kitchen aid mixers, I think a blue would be nice this time. Thank you kitchen aid people you have the best mixer on the market today. Gi Gi (Linda Brenner). Fresh lemon cake
    2 boxes of lemon flavored cake mixes
    6 egg yolks
    2/3 c water
    2/3 c good brand of veggie oil
    1c sour cream
    1 (3oz) lemon instant lemon pudding
    1Tb fresh lemon zest
    6 egg whites ( beaten til stiff peaks)
    Combine all wet ingredients til blended. Add pudding mix and lemon zest. Slowly add lemon cake mixes. Beat on medium til blended. In separate bowl beat egg whites til frosty the add 1 1/2 tsp of cream of tartar. Then slowly add 3 to 4 Tb of sugar. Once egg whites form stiff peaks fold into cake mix. Be careful not to whip out the air in your whites. Pour into a prepared angel food pan. Spray your pan with Pam. Preheat the oven to 300 f. Bake cake for 55 to 65 minutes. Cool for 5 to 10 minutes in the pan before turning out. For frosting use any seven minute frosting recipe. Toast cocking in a hot skillet just it lightly brown. Enjoy and god bless

  • http://facebook Iris E. Washington

    I think the red, green or silver mixers is really nice and i would love to have one of them in my kitchen

  • http://facebook Iris E. Washington

    Having the green,red or sliver mixer would really be great

  • http://facebook Iris E. Washington

    I would love to have one of the mixers for making recipes of my own and from the internet Havig one would make me feel like a pro.

  • Joyce Lemert

    Would love a mixer, any color. I love to bake and don’t have a stand mixer. That would be great,and make baking a lot easier.eRP

  • Angela Cain

    My friend & I are starting a gourmet cupcake & sweets business. I already have a white Kitchenaid mixer but my partner could really use one of her own. Even if we don’t win one, we will be purchasing at least 1 more anyway.

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