A Recipe in Honor of my Wedding Dinner

As my wedding was last weekend, I have been savoring some of my favorite moments from that day. One of my very favorite things about my wedding was the food, which we handpicked ourselves. Keep reading to get a little recap of my special dinner, and learn about my favorite part of it… the caprese salad!

I wasn’t kidding when I said my salad was the best part of dinner. And, it inspired in me a whole new level of DIY salad making. Usually my salad routine consists of throwing on a few crutons and leftover vegetables from my fridge, but wait until I tell you how easy it is to make an Italian classic.

What you need:
Romaine lettuce, or whatever kind you like to use
Mozzarella cheese medallions
Sliced fresh tomato
Salad dressing (I used balsamic vinaigrette, but this choice is all yours)

Layer the mozzarella and tomato on top of a bed of lettuce, and pour dressing over the top. This salad has a really elegant feel, and was perfect for our Saturday night wedding, but it was also understated. The fresh veggies really make this one pop, so don’t skimp!

Tell me foodies: Do you remember food at one of your special events? Do you ever try to recreate it?

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  • Russ Myers

    Congratulations on your wedding

  • http://RecipeforLiving Donna


  • http://RecipeforLiving Donna

    Have been married 35 years in August!!

  • http://recipe4living Laura


    I look foward to you email every week

  • Elaine

    No basil? Not Caprese if no basil. Believe me had this so many times in Italy.

  • Linda

    I think this is a good salad for your special occasion. I use to date a Italian who owns a restaurant in Mass. He & would go into the kitchen after the restaurant was closed & we would make a special something for each other. The salad was almost like your salad for your wedding. He put with that salad, mushroom,olive & capers too. try it sometime. Peace-Out

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