Starbucks in the News…AGAIN!

Starbucks sure knows how to make headlines. Keep reading to find out why the kings of coffee are making news yet again…more after the jump!

Starbucks has no lack of media attention these days, from adding alcohol to some menus to pairing up with Disney in order to serve coffee to the long-suffering parents who frequent the amusement parks.

What is the latest news from the Bucks?

They have purchased a bakery for a whopping $100 million…not exactly spare pocket change.

Why is this bakery such a big deal?

The chain wants more menu items that excite the customers, and they say that the specialty baked goods from La Boulange will start replacing the current Starbucks offerings early next year.

La Boulange has 19 locations in the Bay Area. Along with their pastries, they serve up sandwiches and classic salads. Starbucks has been dealing with competition from the fast-food chains that are starting to roll out their new seasonal menus, menus that include specialty coffee beverages that could possibly keep those who love a burger or fries at their local fast food joint instead of heading over to the Bucks. Starbucks hopes that this new partnership with La Boulange will add to the brand and future projects currently in development.

“After more than 40 years, we will be able to say that we are bakers too,” CEO Howard Schultz said in a statement.

What do you think of this new duo or Starbucks and the popular Bay Area choice of La Boulange? Would you sit down at Starbucks and enjoy salad and soup if it was offered alongside your liquid crack?

Let me know what you think in the COMMENTS!

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  • Rose

    I really like La Boulange & when it was close to me I would go there for lunch at least 1x/mo. However, I would miss the crumb coffee cakes (as it is they are smaller than they used to be) as well as the lemon & a few of the other items Starbucks have. However, if they kept those items and served the food from La Boulange(providing they don’t overcharge)I would be more than happy to enjoy both at the same place. Oh…but they should really start making their stores a bit bigger.

  • Emilie

    I agree, Rose! They are also going to feature the croissants from the bakery, and I personally love the ones from Starbucks! Have you enjoyed the ones at La Boulange?

  • Kim

    I really like STARBUCKS coffee and coffee with flavorings!! They also sell a few baked goods that I’d miss if they don’t sell them after the new partnership. I go to STARBUCKS at LEAST 5 times a week and will be interested to see what changes they’ll make…….I hope for the better.

  • Charlotte

    I love Starbucks and would love to have more of a choice of food. I think the bakery is a good choice as long as the products are good. I’m from Texas and not familiar with that bakery. Will TX have the new stuff too?

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