What’s Your Snack of Choice?

Looking back at my past week of snacking, I haven’t always made the best choices, but I’ve made some pretty sentimental ones. Keep reading to see my top 4 snacks that are close to my heart, and tell me about your guilty pleasure snacks. Remember, it’s all in moderation!

1. Ice Cream
Ok, I admit, with the weather getting warm, ice cream is one of my go-to snacks. Make your ice cream treat interesting by making a cake, we have a great recipe for this one that even uses ice cream cones!

2. Animal Crackers
Maybe this stems back to my days of getting them as a bonus for being good in the grocery store, but animal crackers are some of my favorite snacks. Make the Kiwi Carousel Parfait with just these, yogurt, and kiwi. I’m sure you could also make it with whatever fruit you want.

3. Doughnut Holes
Whether you love powdered sugar, chocolate or plain glazed, or even cake doughnuts, doughnut holes are an indulgence of the best kind.  Check out this recipe on Fluffy Instant Donuts if you’re looking for some DIY doughnut inspiration.

4. Popcorn
It’s tough to find a snack more addicting than popcorn. I like the more traditional varieties like cheese and caramel, but I’ve even seen some Barbecue Popcorn floating around my office!  Check out this recipe for making your own butter flavored popcorn snack.

Tell me, foodies: What’s your go-to snack? Do you try to stick to healthy snacks, or do you indulge in sweets once in a while?

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