I’m Back from Paris!

I am also afraid that I have yet to upload my 2,500 (yes, between my tablet, phone and camera…) photos, so this blog will be dedicated to some food of the American party variety. Keep reading for our new video about how you can create your own awesome veggie platter, just in time for a picnic or outdoor shindig!

We know you all love your fruit and veggie platters, and we have a new video you are going to find helpful and useful this Summer season!

See how easy it is? We hope you enjoy the latest video from Recipe4Living and Chew on That! Jen and Deena loved creating this one for you guys.

What kind of platter do you love creating? I had so many amazing cheese and cured meat dishes in Paris; I am definitely a cheese fan. Nothing hits the spot more than a rustic bit of cheese with rocket greens and cured ham.

Until next time,


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  • David

    I love a good veggie platter! Thanks for the tips!

  • Charles

    Do they have veggie platters in Paris? ;)

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