4 Fantastic Veggie Platters!

Marinated veggies, grilled antipasto…what could be better? One of my favorite things to do in Spring and Summer is hang out with my friends in Chicago backyards, on decks…on boats when I’m lucky enough to be invited. One thing that is always a staple is a platter of fruits or veggies. It’s easy and it goes down easy with beer. Keep reading for my favorite platters to enjoy on a warm day with friends; these are twists on the grocery staple!

You could serve up a basic vegetable platters a la grocery store, but why serve celery and carrots when you can serve up a platter with style?

I have a couple of close friends who are Greek, and if I know one thing for certain, it’s that the Greek people KNOW THEIR FOOD!

Greek Appetizer Platter: This platter includes it all: hummus, tzatziki dip, stuffed grape leaves, Greek olives, feta cheese pita bread and crisp veggies!

Grilled Antipasto: Summer squash, zucchini, peppers, onions and mushrooms, olives and capers are served with French bread slices. This makes for an elegant picnic or dinner party appetizer. Serving up a wine tasting? This is really all you need to keep the guests full and happy! Ask someone to bring a sweet dessert and you are set.

Italian Appetizer Platter: I have dated enough Italians to know that this platter is a stunner: goat cheese, Italian prosciutto, basil and olives all make an appearance.

And lastly, this platter is my personal favorite: combine your favorite cheeses, breads and jams and serve alongside grilled asparagus. I honestly believe EVERYTHING is made better with asparagus!

What veggies make a platter best? Do you prefer marinated or grilled veggies? Do you just like to grab the platter they sell at the store with ranch dip? Let me know in the COMMENTS!

Until Friday (contest contest contest contest!)


Photos Courtesy of: Napoleon

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  • http://www.ninilingerie.fr/ Nini

    Thank you for these 4 ideas, I am going to try these recipes. I try to eat vegan, but it is hard to change the habits.

  • Charles

    These are all terrific options.

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