Chew on That’s Favorite Sangria Recipes!

Who doesn’t love a tall glass of sangria with fresh juice and fruits? Nothing says alfresco dining like a glass of punchy sangria with a little bite! Read on for our favorite recipes, whether you crave red wine, white or something a little bit different!

Cool down with these zesty cocktail recipes! A couple of drinks and then it’s time to turn up the music and enjoy the party.

Sangria: A refreshing favorite made with the dry red wine of your choice.

Peach Sangria: This is a different take on the classic sangria with apples and citrus fruits. This recipe features peaches and grapes for some summer flavor.

Sangria Punch: This is a festive party punch, whether you’re serving it alcoholic or not; either way, it’s fruity and fabulous.

Berry-Filled Sangria: Sangria is a fun party beverage that everyone loves; this recipe is no exception!

Classic Sangria: This fun Spanish drink incorporates red wine and fresh fruit to make a delicious cocktail.

Sangria (Cabernet): Break this out at your next gathering for a big hit!

Summer Time Sangria: This is a quick and easy sangria using common ingredients. We make this for summer time cookouts & barbecues.

What is your favorite type of sangria? I prefer a red sangria; my favorite place to get a sangria in my hometown of Chicago is Twist. Boy oh boy do they make a magical pitcher of fun at that place! Let me know where you enjoy yours (out and about or at home?) in the COMMENTS!

Until next time, bon viveurs!


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  • Adam J Williams

    The first time that I ever had Sangria, I was in Spain. I’ve never quite been able to replicate it at home.

  • Carla Hereford

    I am trying to get my name in the hat for the mixer. I hope it doesn’t get missed. As for the preferred color, all of them were beautiful, I couldnt make up my mind. The ice sounded interesting. But then so did almond, white on white, orange, and all of the blue colors were terrific.
    As for what I would make with it, hhhhhmmmmm. What wouldnt I make with it? Meatloaf, cheesecakes, bread, cake, everything.

  • carol perkins

    on one of the shows you had a woman on who won with her sangria ham, i can’t find the recipe on the chew site. please help! want to make this for xmas cuz it looked soooo good, please help as soon as possible thanx in advance.

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