The World’s Largest McDonald’s is Joining the London Olympics Site… Cool, or Asinine?

Today, we’ll be looking at the power of large corporate sponsorships. Keep reading to hear all about McDonald’s sponsoring of the Olympics, and how it gives them the power to be the exclusive name-brand seller of food at the Olympics.

It may surprise you, but McDonald’s is one of the top tier sponsors for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. With sponsorship comes lots of fringe benefits, including the monopolization of food service and brand rights in the vicinity of the Olympic Games. That’s right, McDonald’s will be the only branded food sold to fans and spectators.

McDonald’s will do this in the largest McDonald’s ever built. By the numbers, the new McDonald’s seats 1,500 people, is 3,000 square meters in area, will be staffed by 2,000 people, and will serve more than 50,000 Big Macs and 180,000 servings of French fries for the duration of the games. Basically, that’s a whole lotta junk food for a whole lotta people.

I’m not the only one that thinks it’s hypocritical for a fast food chain to be an Olympic sponsor, despite the childhood obesity epidemic that seems to be hitting the world. And that’s why McDonald’s has a plan to combat all this criticism with healthy options. The largest McDonald’s in the world is being built from recyclable materials, and the usual toys will be activity-based, meaning that they’ll promote exercise.

Tell me, foodies: Do you think McDonald’s is doing enough to promote healthy kids and eating better? What do you think of the design for the world’s largest McDonald’s?

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  • Eleanor Dillon


  • Eleanor Dillon


  • Carly

    hmmm…sports and fattening food…weird combo!

  • Elaine

    There are McDonald’s restaurants on hospital sites these days. I feel less comfortable with that than them being at the Olympics, I suppose.

  • Michele

    I think the question is asinine! Give McD’s a break! They’re trying! Have you even looked at their current menu? They have a mix of their old favorites, along with newer, more calorie conscious items. I get the Fruit & Yogurt Parfait, which is delicious and low cal – and have also had the Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad. And that’s only two of their new items… so they are offering something for those looking to cut back, and have something nutritious, yet delicious! You can’t expect them to just ditch their entire menu… we ARE still living in America! It’s not up to McD’s to police the public’s eating habits – it’s up to the people!

  • http://recipe4living aaron morris

    Come on people!!! McDonalds’s does NOT make children fat and unhealthy !!! Parents who CHOOSE to take their children to eat there 5 days a week are the ones to blame. When my child asks to go and is told NO and he continues to throw a fit about it, I have a CHOICE…break down and give in and go, or…….Say no and go home and cook a good meal. Does McDonald’s twist your arm? Hold a gun to your head and tell you you HAVE to eat there? Take a little responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming it all on someone else. As far as them being the food of the Olympics…Never been but any ball game, fair etc… I have ever gone to the food choices are just as unhealthy and fried and all that. So in closing grow up America and fight for things we need to like our Constitutional rights and freedoms. I mean REALLY?????

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