Cute Cupcakes for Any Occasion!

My birthday was this past Sunday; it was, as usual, a day I don’t make a big day out of. When I was about 10, the whole world knew it was my birthday. You couldn’t get past me without my making a huge deal about my special day (and likely inappropriately asking you for a present). Nowadays I am a bit less of a center-of-attention drama queen and a bit more laid back about such things. Instead of a parade and tiara, all I really want is a single cupcake. My friends made sure I got one. Keep reading for cupcakes for all occasions, whether you know a sci-fi geek, red velvet connoisseur or someone who just likes a bit of sugar on the morning of their birthday!

Everyone has a favorite, whether it’s red velvet, chocolate fudge or funfetti. A cupcake can brighten your day and provide a nice sugar rush on a late afternoon. Which is your favorite?

My best friend’s little sister purchased a STAR WARS cupcake kit that has all the stencils you need to be extra nerdy. Her boyfriend loves sci-fi, so this is the perfect gift for the geek in your life. Just use a tiny sprinkle, colored sugar or cocoa powder to achieve the cupcake “force”!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a total nerd for Harry Potter. These cupcakes are better than a butterbeer!

Are you a dork for your iPhone? Do you know someone who is? I bet they would appreciate these “APP” cupcakes that are identical to apps such as the iPhone calendar, calculator and iPod.

What is your favorite type of cupcake? Is it all about flavor, or is presentation a must? Which of your hobbies, favorite movies or books are captured in cupcake form? Let me know in the COMMENTS!

Until next time (hey, don’t forget to enter this week’s contest!)~


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  • Bertha

    I love Sprinkle Cupcakes from Chicago! YUM! I think if I had the talent, I would definitely make some Hunger Games cupcakes.

  • Charles

    I enjoy using stencils for family cupcakes. The kids all love them.

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