Happy National Zucchini Bread Day!

In honor of this holiday and all the other lovely spring vegetables out there, we’ve dedicated today to be our vegetable bread feature day! Keep reading to see some awesome vegetable bread recipes like corn bread and pumpkin bread, and tell us what your favorite recipe is!

Zucchini Bread: The recipe makes a very moist bread, so make a few loaves and freeze them for a rainy day!

Apple Pumpkin Bread: This bread tastes like family with pumpkin, apple, ground cloves, and a cinnamon-sugar topping.

Pumpkin Bread: Serve this delicious, sweet bread with any homecooked meal.

Spinach Corn Bread Puff: This tasty appetizer is both hearty and satisfying.

Yam Corn Bread: A perfect addition to any meal.

Maple Nut Bread: Delicious maple flavoring and your favorite crunchy nuts make this a perfect bread for anytime or anywhere.

Pumpkin Walnut Bread: These mini loaves are great to give to friends as gifts!

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  • Han

    I loveeeeeeeeeeee zucchini bread!

  • http://yahoo cynthia

    i tried the zucchini bread and loved it, but i love zucchini anyway, and i made banana nut bread, nd plain yeast bread my husband loved that. i will probely make all these recipes.

  • http://yahoo Juanita Guernsey

    I’m definitely going to get my some pineapple this week and try the pineapple Zucchini Bread. Thank you for giving this to us.

  • Yui

    Apple purple bread sounds so good and mouth-watering too. Thanks for sharing all those great recipe with us. I am asking my aunt to make this recipe.
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