Give the Kids Some Coffee and a Free Kitten: Disney Parks to Serve Starbucks

The happiest place on Earth is about to get hyper.
As if the kids weren’t already wild enough at theme parks with all the funnel cakes and high-sugar beverages, they now have the option of downing a cup of joe to boot! Keep reading to learn all about the plan to bring coffee to the long-suffering parents at Disney theme parks…more after the jump!

The happiest place on Earth is about to get hyper.

Starbucks has announced a new meeting of colossal companies that will result in the opening of a Starbucks location inside each of the six Disney properties in both Florida and California. As if Mickey wasn’t already bouncy enough!

The first of these coffee shops will open Summer 2012 at the Disneyland California Adventure in Anaheim, California. From there, locations will open at Cali’s Disneyland Park and at the parks in Orlando, which include Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot (formerly Epcot Center—I remember it old-school). After these plans are flushed out, the companies will make a decision about where future locations will be opened. Keep the extra espresso shots away from Goofy!

Starbucks and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts did not provide financial information; that being said, neither company is suffering, so this looks to be a smart move on both parts. It may be hard to spot, though, parents, so keep an eye out; the plan is to “blend the Starbucks locations in” with the park(s) surroundings. There won’t be that forest green logo and glass corner joint that’s so easy to spot! At Disneyland California, the store will be called the Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Cafe (cleverly named after the Three Little Pigs characters).

Along with the (full) popular Starbucks menu, there may be a Mickey cookie or two to look forward to; Disney is all about control when it comes to marketing and branding. Even your coffee cup will have that Disney emblem on it.

What do you think of this partnership? Do coffee and the Mouse go together? As a parent, are you excited about the idea? Do you even like Disney theme parks? Let me know in the COMMENTS! I’m still happy they serve butterbeer at Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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  • Tootie

    Meh…kind of a weird partnership

  • http://Yahoo Janette Wells

    Our family loves Disneyland. It represents the best of America: optismism, hope, and the good guy wins. We love the rides, the landscaping, and the friendly atmosphere. Add Starbucks? Why not? The godess of coffee will help the parents keep up with their kids. :)

  • Charles

    I think it’s a pretty wise idea.

  • Yui

    Honestly this is weird partnership. I don’t have kids on my own but I am a kinder garden teacher, and it seems so hard to look at my students drink coffee. There is no problem with the Disney emblem or characters on the mug but this partnership looks like attract children to come with their parents and enjoy the coffee using the mug. I don’t mind at all if Starbucks would love to fill the mug with healthy milk for children. Just my thought.
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