Rainy Day Foods to Make this Weekend

Here in Chicago, it’s definitely pretty rainy and sad outside. The warmer temperatures of a couple of weeks ago are a distant memory, and new skies of grey have become the norm. All of this just makes me want to stay in, watch a movie, and eat some good snacks and comfort food. Keep reading to see all the great recipes I’ve rounded up — after the jump!

A rainy day dinner is a great thing to plan, and we have some recipes that will leave you feeling absolutely charmed. Click here for the plan!

The recipes for this dinner include Honk if You Love Cheezus, Golden Cream of Tomato Soup, Asparagus and Roasted Pine Nuts in Lemon Vinaigrette, and Applesauce Brownies.

We promise you’ll love this meal. It’ll make you less sad about staying in.

If you’re looking for more snack recipes to go along with a nice movie, here’s a list for you to try! Asking around the office, Emilie loves soup, and recommends Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese. Deena likes Chicken Noodle Soup. My personal favorite are Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Tell me, foodies: What’s your favorite rainy day tradition?

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  • patricia Lee

    I love soups and salads on a rainy day and these are some great recipes. Now I just need you to recommend a good movie.

  • Kim Goettl

    Patricia-watch 50/50 if you haven’t already!!! Was the perfect movie for a rainy day and yummy grilled cheese/soup!!

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