Happy National Animal Crackers Day!

All these worrisome food stories (such as the salmonella outbreak and the 100th anniversary of Titanic’s demise) are basically a red flag that Chew on That needs to celebrate some happy food news. Guess what? Today is National Animal Crackers Day! Keep reading to learn about my personal love of animal crackers, the personal story that led to this devotion, and even some recipes you can make using them!

Every little kid loves to pick things out at the grocery store, and maybe eat them during shopping — well, that’s a different story entirely. My mom never let us have super sugary cereals, bad for you snacks, or lunchables, and we were on a budget, though I didn’t know it at the time. My dreams of eating all the Lucky Charms marshmallows and leaving the cereal, and getting my very own “Half-Baked” Ben & Jerry’s did not often come to fruition.

However, there was one reward for being well-behaved while mom shopped! I would always get a package of the Barnum’s Animal crackers. It was like a mini purse because of the string attached, and they are THE BEST animal crackers. Ever. I still love them to this day and sometimes treat myself to them as a grocery store snack. I’ll eat them there if I want to!

This fabulous dessert uses animal crackers — click through for the recipe.

Kiwi Carousel Parfait: Young hands love to hold just-my size foods and dip them into tasty treats, so give kids an all-time favorite snack- animal crackers- paired with kiwis and yogurt.

Tell me, foodies: Do any foods have special meaning to you? Do you have childhood memories associated with any foods?

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  • Babs

    I love animal crackers!

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