It’s Tax Day! But Believe Me, There is Something to Look Forward to!

Who knew — Tax Day is starting to mean big benefits for consumers! So, maybe April 15 (or April 17 this year) isn’t so taxing after all! Keep reading to see some of the biggest and best sales and deals that are all yours for this week!

Across the nation, Chili’s is giving its customers an extra special treat — just because it’s tax season. Go into Chili’s from April 16-18 and you’ll get a free appetizer or dessert! You can check out this press release for the details, but it’s simple enough… just purchase one adult entree and you’ll get your choice of free item. We have to say, we’re loving this deal.

Sonic Drive-In is offering half-priced fountain drinks and slushies throughout the day on Tuesday. They’ll even let you custom blend your drink to your liking. This sounds like an awesome deal to us!

On Tuesday, Cinnabon will give you two FREE Cinnabon Tax Day bites. We like free — Yum.

P.F. Changs is giving 15% off all online and pick-up orders.

And finally, for our fellow Chicago residents, we have a great deal for you from L. Woods! Ten percent of your dinner bill will be given back to you in the form of a gift card for you to use next time you visit! A $100 dinner bill will get you a $10 gift certificate, and so on. Check out the details here.

Tell me, foodies: What tax day deals are you most looking forward to?

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