Food in the News: Bacon Sundae at Burger King and More!

Top of the morning, food fans! In case you are slacking when it comes to food news, I am letting you in on all the hype, from the Burger King menu changes (are they really going to sell that bacon-topped sundae?) to the fastest growing, top-selling liquor brands on the market today. Read on for the skinny on what’s popular in food…today! More after the jump…

Power Players

The fastest-growing liquor brands are getting people drunk from Cali to NYC and everywhere in between. What are they?

#5 Rokk Vodka, a company known for garnering attention for its adverts.
#4 Fireball Whiskey…I had this on more than one occasion. It sounds scary, but actually goes down smoothly and has a lovely cinnamon finish! The ‘drinkability’ (I normally can’t do shots too often, nor do I believe that is even a real word) is probably why it’s so popular.
#3 Malibu Cocktails: These babies are ready-to-drink, so no worries about purchasing mixers for your Malibu anymore. People are often lazy boozehounds, and Malibu knows this.
#2 Familia Camarena Tequila comes from a six-generation tequila-makin’ family. That’s experience on your side!
#1 Skinnygirl cocktails, I’m afraid, are at the top. I’ve had the margarita. Didn’t like it.  All the same, reality stay Bethenny Frankel is making the big bucks with her shows, workout DVD collection (do love that) and these skinny drinks.

Gross Food News

Burger King has been revamping their menu to keep up with the Joneses (McDonald’s and Wendy’s, to name a few), and with that comes the headline-making showstopper: the bacon-topped sundae. Like so many fast food joints, BK is testing the concept at a Nashville location before deciding whether or not to go national with the menu item. All I can say is: why? I know Americans will try this concept on occasion at a conceptual restaurant, but does it need to appear as a staple on a menu of a fast food chain that people sometimes eat at 3-6 (ugh) times a week? Not sure this is going to do much for diabetes. Denny’s is also serving this on their menu.

Another gross-out, in my opinion: the hot dog crust pizza from Pizza Hut. It’s only available in the U.K. (for now), and that’s probably a good thing. I imagine too many Americans would be interested in this crazy concoction. Pick one, people: pizza or a hot dog. Not both. Please, not both. What’s next? Are we going to dip our greasy pizza in mustard and ketchup and then throw some celery salt and relish on top? I hope I didn’t give you any ideas…

What food item in the news grosses you out? What is your favorite up-and-coming cocktail? Do you agree with me, or am I being Judgey Judgerson about these crazy food items? Let me know in the COMMENTS!

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  • Adam J Williams

    The thought of eating hot dogs at a fast food chain really grosses me out. I think that you can have a good quality hot dog at restaurants, but places like Mcdonalds and Pizza Hut are not going to be using those higher quality products. I imagine a greyish colored boiled hot dog surrounding a pizza and lose all interest in trying this new product.

  • Emilie

    We couldn’t agree more, Adam! Being from Chicago, I’ve had more than a few quality hot dogs and have seen nothing but garbage-quality when it comes to fast food establishments that try to “do” the hot dog.

  • Charles

    Agreed, Andy…

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