Foodie Vocab Monday: Nuoc Mam

Happy Monday (yikes), food fans! Welcome back to Foodie Vocab and the latest word challenge. I think today’s term will throw you for a loop!  More (foodie facts and recipes) after the jump…

What do you think the word means? This week’s term is: Nuoc Mam.

A)  A sushi roll with sauce.
B)  An Asian fish sauce.
C)  A Thai noodle dish comprised of fish and soy sauce.
D)  A stew of chicken and fish.

Take your time, foodies. Have you had this fish sauce in the past? Have you seen the word? Do you speak the language? Then this must be easy for you, right….?

Are you savvy enough to know this foodie word? Are you big on food? Big on words? Come on, guys!

And “Nuoc Mam” means…

B)  An Asian fish sauce.

Nuoc Mam is a pungent fish sauce that is made from fermented anchovies or similar fish. It is often utilized as condiment in Southeast Asian cuisine. It is translated literally as “salted fish” in Vietnamese.

Try these terrific dishes:

Artichokes with Fish Sauce: The salt in the anchovies really brings out the flavor of the artichoke!

Thai Noodle Soup with Vegetables and Shrimp
: This is so easy to make, and the fish sauce is delicious.

Spaghetti with Clam Sauce
: In case you aren’t eating Asian-style tonight, try this seafood-lover recipe!

Tell me, foodies: what about Asian dishes do you love? Is fish sauce a staple in your Asian cooking? Let me know in the COMMENTS!

Until tomorrow,


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  • Charles

    Fish sauce makes almost any dish better in my opinion.

  • Gerry

    Love spaghetti with clams recipe

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