Celebrate Easter with Yummy Carbs: Easter Breads

Easter is more often associated with eggs and chocolate candies than bread, but gathering around the table for an Easter meal is tradition, and many families have been asking us for bread recipes. We don’t like to disappoint, so here are the top bread recipes you have been hankerin’ for! More after the jump…

Whether you’re Italian or Greek, Polish or Irish, bread is usually a part of the Easter table. It can be braided in a circle or formed in the shape of a bunny: whatever tickles your fancy! Some breads are religious in nature, and others are just fun pieces to decorate the family dinner table with. Whatever you choose, choose wisely: carbs are one of the best parts of an Easter table (after ham, of course)!

Easter Bunny Breads Recipe: This sweet bread recipe creates the cutest Easter bunnies that the kids will love.

Italian Easter Bread Recipe
: This sweet, iced bread features almonds, candied fruit, and a beautiful presentation with dyed eggs.

Kulich (Russian Easter Bread)
: This traditional Russian Easter bread, is baked, believe it or not, in an empty 2 lb. coffee can. This unusual baking “pan” is what allows the bread to achieve its stately height. It was traditional to lay a single red rose on top of the glazed top of this impressive bread, and, providing your rose has been grown pesticide-free, it can still make an impressive picture today.

Italian Braided Easter Bread
: This gorgeous bread is twisted into a wreath worthy of your Easter table. A beautiful, edible centerpiece.

Tsoureki – Greek Easter Bread: This traditional Greek Easter bread is characterized by hard boiled, scarlet-dyed eggs baked right into the braided bread dough.

Armenian Sweet Rolls: These wonderful rolls are sometimes known as ‘choereg’.

Holiday Brown Bread Loaves
: Make this recipe for your holiday table or even as a food gift.

No Easter bread is complete without lamb butter. This butter shaped like a lamb is traditional for many households:

What do you serve as an Easter carb? Mashed potatoes, rolls, cake? What tradition do you look forward to every Easter? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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  • Ramona

    I’m making Lamb Butter

  • Charles

    We Italians love our Easter bread!

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