The Country’s Best Supermarkets: Do You Agree?

Consumer Reports
has announced its best supermarkets of the U.S. —is your local store on the list? I like nothing better than a supermarket with fresh produce, short lines and a magazine aisle that goes on for days, but what do you look for in yours? Keep reading to find out which shops are at the top! More after the jump…

What do you look for in a good market? Most of us would say good prices, friendly service and a short line.

This year the Northeast is home of the country’s top supermarket as judged by over 24,000 readers of Consumer Reports. Chains were rated on their service, quality of meat, fish and produce and, of course—price points! The May issue of the magazine will also include tips for shopping on a budget, as so many Americans are doing every day. One of the most eye-catching tips is that buying store brands over name brands can save the consumer upwards of 60%!

Most surprising may be that shops such as Target and Whole Foods don’t even appear in the top ten. Most of the top stores are chains that focus on the customer and not the big picture.

The Top Five Supermarkets are:

5. Costco – Consumer Reports Score: 83 of 100
Locations include 40 states and 9 countries!

4. Fareway – Consumer Reports Score:  84 of 100
Locations include Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota

3. Publix - Consumer Reports Score: 85 of 100
Locations include Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina

2. Trader Joe’s – Consumer Reports Score: 86 of 100
Locations in over 30 states with California dominating with over half of the store’s locations

1. Wegman’s – Consumer Reports Score: 88 of 100
Locations are mainly East-coasted based with states such as Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania

Other stores in the top ten include Harris Teeter and Hy-Vee. Born and raised in Chicago, I primarily shop at specialty shops including Polish and Mexican markets that always have the freshest produce. Our options in terms of large chains are Jewel (Albertson’s), Dominick’s, Whole Foods and Traders Joe’s, which claimed the #2 spot. I love shopping for parties at Joe’s; they have both organic ingredients and frozen appetizers that always hit the mark when it comes to price and flavor.

What is your go-to supermarket? What makes a supermarket a good place to shop: service, price? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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  • Ramona

    I love Trader Joes!

  • Suzy

    Since we have none of those top five, my guess is that it is large cities that counted in this survey.

    I love Whole Foods and am surprised that they are not listed in the top five. (We don’t have one of those either.)

    Sam’s Club has great produce, fresher than most other stores here, but they didn’t make the top five either.

    Much of what is sold in grocery stores today, including these five, is what one health expert called “food-like substances.” Stick to the perimeter to get real food!

  • Joan

    shop-rite is the most economical place to shop in the new jersey/pennsylvania area/

  • Dustine Klingler

    We have a great store in Godfrey, Illinois. Schnucks. Its the largest and has the most for the dollar. You can’t get alot of what this store has to offer. I love it. Open 24 hours a day too!

  • http://country'sbestmarkets country’s best supermarkets

    No way—We’re B.j.’s shoppers, for many yrs., then decided to try Costco, bed. of all the ratings we saw, lasted 3 wks., switched bk. to B.J.’s.
    Costco doesn’t have smaller portions of meats, they’re all very large, clothing is excellent, good names, a lot of things we can’t get at Costcos!!
    So–I disagree!! For everyday shopping, I use Market Basket, and Shaws, sales. Shaws meats and fish are best.

  • http://country'sbestmarkets country’s best supermarkets

    I goofed, I meant B.J.’s has the best name brand clothing, and Costco doesn’t have the normal things we like.

  • Charles

    Shaw’s is terrific.

  • Susan Daugherty

    I have lived in Florda since 1978. Publix has always been my favorite grocery store. I tried others, but always came back to Publix. Their meat selection is always great, produce fresh, locations close to almost everyone but the thing that is most outstanding with this chain is the customer service. I can always count on finding my favorite brands, but if they don’t carry it, they will check to see if they can, or advise me as to where I might locate it. Also, staff is always friendly. I am even greeted by name. Can’t beat it for “the best of everything” store.

  • GiGi Eats Celebrities

    I am sorry but Whole Foods deserves to be on there, I love that place! :) Only really to get prepared foods though!

  • http://repcipt4livingcountrybestsuppermarkets shirley brooks

    I agree!!! Number 1 is Wegmans. Everyone in Buffalo-Western NY area and beyond loves Wegmans . I live in Georgia
    now and truly miss shopping at a Wegmans-

    nothing in Georgia compares with Wegmans,

  • http://repcipt4livingcountrybestsuppermarkets shirley brooks

    love your website also. Keep up the good work

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