Elite 8: Chocolate or Strawberry? A Question for the Ages

Are you a chocoholic or are strawberries your dessert of choice? Do you love creamy fudge or fluffy crepes? Keep reading for the recipes that came out on top! More after the jump…

In the categories of Strawberry Desserts and desserts you can make in 15 Minutes or Less, who came out blazing?

The Easiest Fudge Recipe Ever went up against the 10 Minute Rainbow Sorbet, but that colorful  dessert didn’t stand a chance against the fan favorite Easiest Fudge!

In the Strawberry category, Crepes and Pie faced off in an epic showdown. Pie is a favorite of many, but crepes are a trendy breakfast item that made its way from Europe to the Americas. It’s safe to say: Americans love their crepes! Strawberry Crepes came out to beat pie and advance to the next round.

Who is your favorite to win it all? Are you a chocolate lover, or do you prefer a fluffy crepe with fruit garnishes? Let me know in the COMMENTS!

In Sweet 16 news, Kansas and Kentucky are headed to the final head-to-head on Monday night! Who is your favorite to win? I am rooting for the underdog: Kansas. Kentucky has long been the favorite, so it would be nice to see them crushed by KU!

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