Food Sponsors and Sports… An Odd Pairing + Today’s Sweets 16 Contest!

With all the buzz about McDonald’s again hosting the All-American Game in 2012, I’ve been thinking, the pairings between food and beverage companies and sports is really quite strange. The All-American Game celebrates high school basketball players, and gives them a chance to showcase their skills before deciding on colleges at which to continue their careers. Keep reading to see some of the other odd sports sponsors and games that we’ve found, and tell us if you think they’re pretty weird.

Here’s a list of some sports and their biggest sponsors:

Budweiser, Pepsi and McDonald’s sponsor the NHL.
Anheuser-Busch, Frito Lay, and Pepsi sponsor the MLB.
Budweiser and Coca Cola sponsor the NBA
…and the list continues.

Basically, if there’s a professional sport, it’s more likely than not sponsored by some pretty large alcohol, soda, and junk food companies, which doesn’t really scream physical fitness or health. You can probably bet that the country’s biggest basketball players aren’t chugging a Coke or Bud Light, or even eating a bag of Doritos before a big game. It’s just not sensible.

That’s our conundrum. Do the nasty snacks solely sponsor to make the fans happy? The answer is probably yes, but it’s still weird to me nonetheless.

Here’s today’s dessert poll!

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