Do You Refresh with Soda? + Some Fantastic Ways to Cook with this Sugary Beverage

Now that warm weather is here, I must admit my ultimate addiction. My daily summertime indulgence involves a frozen glass stacked with ice, and an ice cold carbonated beverage such as Coca-Cola or Sprite poured over it to the very brim. I gave into my craving today by even driving out of the way to the gas station to nab a Sprite (our building vending machine doesn’t sell it…). Tell me what you think of the soda addiction, and get some great recipes for how to add the flavors of pops to your food!

Soda is truly the ultimate American dilemma. It tastes like liquid candy, is available at even the most insignificant locations, and gives us a much needed energy boost after a long night out. It also rots out your teeth and contributes to diabetes and heart disease. Bummer sauce.

Cooking with soda actually balances out a lot of its ill effects. Check out these soda-themed recipes we have for ya, and tell us which side of the dilemma champions your heart: the overwhelming guilt or the simple fact that it’s the most amazing drink out there.

Until tomorrow, foodies, Jen

7 Up® Chicken: This was my grandma’s recipe my family has always loved.

Sprite® Apple Dumplings: Apples are baked in refrigerated crescent rolls with brown sugar and the lemon-lime flavor of Sprite.

Pork Chops in Ginger Ale: Instead of fussing over fresh ginger, try this clever trick to prepare pork chops.

Dr. Pepper® Chocolate Pecan Cookies: Finish up the liter of your favorite soda with this surprising cookie recipe.

Coca-Cola® Brownie Cake: You might not think coke and brownies go together, but try this recipe and you’ll see what an amazing combination they make!

Holiday Coca Cola® Baked Ham: A delicious way to bake your holiday ham. My family raves over this dish.

7-Up® Lemon Cheesecake with Strawberry Glaze: Deliciously citrus-y and refreshing! A perfect way to bring back summer all year round.

Orange Blush: This drink has a fun mixture of ingredients like orange juice, cranberry juice and club soda.

Mountain Dew® Salad: A wonderful tasting desert with the flavors of Mountain Dew® and lemon Jell-O® along with marshmallows to add the fluffiness.

Orange Crush® Pound Cake: Add some life to a regular pound cake with a can of orange soda! The carbonation and the flavor make this a sweet cake.

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