Food News: A Fridge Magnet That Can Order Up Pizza?

Oh, those late nights where you get home from a long day running errands or a night at the bars and want nothing more than a perfectly cooked (well-done with extra veggies in my case) pizza to appear in front of you. Is that possible? Are we living in Orbit City with The Jetsons? If so, I want my flying car, stat. Keep reading to learn more about this wacky device!

Only in Dubai, where things are bigger, better and richer than anywhere else! Known as the VIP Fridge Magnet, the pizza box-shaped magnet is affiliated with (and connected to) a pizza joint in Dubai called Red Tomato Pizza.

So how the heck does this magical device work?

The mind-boggling magnet is connected to the Internet through any smartphone Bluetooth. The pizza place will shoot hungry pizza lovers a confirmation text and then the pizza is cookin’ and shortly on its way. If you need to change your order, add ingredients or make substitutions, you can do that from the magnet as well.

Red Tomato Pizza even launched a video to explain how the VIP Fridge Magnet works.

Check out the (epically-scored) video here!

With all the apps out there, this was inevitable. You just have to love that you can drunkly stumble home and run into your fridge and tap a magnet to order your late-night snack!

Does this magnet app fascinate you? Are you a dork like me who likes to go pick up her pizza at the local place on foot and see her favorite Italian cooks? Let us know what you think in the COMMENTS!

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*Photo Courtesy of the AP

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  • Jennifer

    flying car? No, actually it’s a hovercraft.

  • Charles

    I need this!

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