Sweets 16, 2012: The Ultimate Dessert Showdown

Today marks the beginning of the Sweet 16 games in the Mens NCAA Basketball Tournament, and with that comes the beginning of Chew On That’s very own “Sweets 16″ dessert challenge! Keep reading to learn all about our tourney, and vote on the dessert you’d most like to see featured in an extended tutorial!

There are 8 regions of desserts in the Sweets 16: Instant Pudding, Oreo®, Crockpot, Sugar-Free, No-Bake, Jello®, 15 Minutes or Less, and Strawberry. Each of these regions has two recipes that will face off in the first round. To kick things off today, we’re going to vote on TWO regions – Instant Pudding and Oreo®.

Vote here, foodies! And come back on Monday, March 26 to see the results!

Here are some great instant pudding dessert recipes for you to try!

Pudding Sugar Cookies: These cookies have a special flavor due to added instant pudding, and they’re so easy to make.

Dirt Cake: Kids love dirt and are sure to enjoy making this recipe. Can be made in a large flower pot or 2 small flower pots.

Pudding Cake: Two types of pudding make this cake flavorful and extra-moist.

Pudding Shots: If you’re looking for a little something special for an adult event and are tired of the traditional gelatin shots, this one’s for you! It’s quick and easy and tastes GREAT!

Pudding Milkshake: Pudding adds a thick and creamy texture to an otherwise ordinary milk shake.

Pudding Pie: I made this up one day for the kids.

Strawberry Ring Cake: This quick and easy cake is extremely moist and sweet.

Pudding Grahamwiches: Lightly indulge your cravings with this sweet dish.

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