St. Paddy’s Is Over: Use Up Your Leftover Corned Beef!

The celebratory day of food, family and a little bit ‘o drinkin’ is over, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have leftovers stocked in the fridge. Whether you had a pre-parade celebration with rowdy friends or a party with the extended Irish family, I’m sure there are some Irish specialties that are still waiting to be used! Keep reading for the easy ways you can use corned beef leftovers now that St. Patrick’s Day is over…waste not, want not! More after the jump…

Celebrate all week long with these awesome recipes that will keep your leftovers unique and surprisingly adaptable!

Corned Beef Hash: This may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s a unique breakfast item that my family adores. Give it a try!

My Best Reuben Sandwich
: Some people call this recipe a “husband-keeper”; all I know is that the flavors are awesome and it’s my favorite way to use corned beef leftovers.

Reuben Spread
: This tasty dip is made better with creamy cheese. Yum!

Corned Beef & Slaw Sandwich: Thin-sliced born beef is served with Swiss cheese, mustard, and vinaigrette coleslaw on whole-wheat bread.

Reuben Corned Beef Casserole 216 Ways: You’ll never run out of ideas with this ever-changing casserole dish. Whatever you’ve got in the kitchen mostly like fits into one of the recipes! Dig in!

If you are a beer lover, I suggest Guinness or a Black and Tan (Bass) pint with these recipes…we also love a Black and Blue, which is Guinness paired with Blue Moon. Another daring (heavy) choice is the Black Castle: Guinness poured over Newcastle Brown Ale.

So tell me: did you have an abundance of leftover corned beef this year? What recipe do you plan on making, a dip, a spread, or just some tasty Reuben sandwiches? Let me know in the COMMENTS!

Until tomorrow, friends!


*Photo Courtesy of the Guinness Store

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