Happy Presto Pasta Night!

Hi, everyone! I hope your week is going well, and that you getting ready for the weekend. As a blogger, I absolutely love when other bloggers decide to host a themed collection of recipes. When I heard about Presto Pasta Night, an event where bloggers submit their favorite homemade pasta dishes, I immediately knew I was cooking something up! Keep reading to see what I made, and get the recipe!

Here’s what you need:
1.) 4 servings of your favorite poultry, fish, or any meat for that matter
2.) 1 box of your favorite pasta
3.) 1 jar of your favorite sauce for pasta, be it Alfredo, marinara, or anything else
4.) 4 servings of a fresh vegetable

My choices for last night were catfish, linguine, Alfredo sauce, and broccoli.

Cook your meat as you usually would. I fried my fish in olive oil over a low heat. Steam your vegetable, and cook your pasta until it’s al dente.

Over a low heat, mix your sauce and pasta, and top with your meat and vegetables. This is an easy no-fuss dinner that takes just about 15 minutes, and it’s totally customizable! For a healthier choice, use whole wheat pasta and a fresh vegetable sauce. For a heartier meal, add ground beef to a plain marinara sauce, and put it on your pasta with mushrooms.

Tell me, foodies: What’s your favorite pasta dish to make when you’re in a hurry? Submit it here to the Presto Pasta Roundup!

Be sure you’re prepared for cooking a great vegetable and pasta dish, and have a great stainless steel colander on hand. For an exclusive deal on an All Clad 3 or 5 qt. colander from our store, click here!

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