Foodie Vocab Monday: Yakitori

Good morning, food fans! Welcome back to Foodie Vocab Monday and today’s latest foodie word challenge. Will you make the grade? Keep reading to see if you are a true foodie fan! More (food facts and recipes!) after the jump…

What do you think the word means? This week’s word is: Yakitori.

A)  A dish of sushi rolls which includes eel and crab.
B)  A dish of grilled marinated chicken served on skewers.
C)  An avocado roll with sashimi.
D)  A chicken stew.

Take your time, foodie fans. Do you think you’ve had Yakitori before? Does the word sound familiar?

Are you food-savvy enough to know this foodie word?

And “Yakitori” means…

B)  A dish of grilled marinated chicken served on skewers.

Yakitori is Japanese mainstay that is popular with the after-work crowd in the way that hot wings or a burger would be popular with Americans. Skewers of chicken are dipped in BBQ sauce and are then grilled over hot
charcoals. Like Americans with hot wings, yakitori is usually served with a cold beer. Yakitori-ya (yakitori restaurants or food stands) are often infiltrated with office drones before they have to head on their long train commute home.

Yakitori-ya can be found if you keep an eye out for decorative red lanterns and the Japanese character for “tori” (meaning “bird”). Each restaurant or stand is known for their particular basting sauce and the type of charcoal they utilize for grilling the chicken. Each stand has its specific fans, whether they prefer the type of smoky flavor from the particular charcoal or the way the chicken is marinated. Chicken is the main focus, though a variety of vegetables can be skewered as well (think skiitake mushrooms and green veggies like hearty green peppers).

Try these terrific low calorie yakitori dishes:

Yakitori Kabobs

Pair it with these fantastic Japanese dishes:

Japanese Soba Noodles
Simple Miso Tofu Soup

Tell me, foodies: What kind of marinade do you love? Have you ever tried this Japanese favorite? Let me know in the COMMENTS!

Until tomorrow,


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