How Will You Celebrate Mardi Gras?

With Mardi Gras celebrations commencing this weekend and next week marking Fat Tuesday, it’s definitely time to start thinking about this holiday. If you’ve never celebrated before, this is a great year to start! Keep reading to get some Mardi Gras-themed recipes and learn all about this great tradition.

Food Traditions
No Mardi Gras party is complete without a delicious and celebratory king cake! This delicious cake has a cream cheese filling, a tasty lemon glaze, and it’s adorned with brightly colored sprinkles! The best part is that a tiny plastic baby is baked into the bread and will bring good luck to whoever finds it. Keep reading for a great King Cake Recipe!

Make Lots of Food
For Mardi Gras, we have an amazing assortment of recipes that are sure to please anyone you have over! Keep reading to see our Top 10 list of favorites.

Fat Tuesday
With the end of the carnival period approaching, don’t miss it and go out with a big bang! While it’s based on a lot of tradition, we all know Mardi Gras is all about the fun so have friends over for a Fat Tuesday party, New Orleans style! Feast your eyes on a menu full of Mardi Gras treats full of inspiration from the biggest Mardi Gras celebration in the United States! The party guide is here!

Tell me, foodies: What are you planning to do for this holiday? Are there any special foods you’re making for the occasion?

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