Foodie Vocab Monday: Roux

Get psyched for Foodie Vocab Monday and today’s word challenge. Are you a real foodie? Will you pass this cooking term test? Keep reading to see if you are a true foodie know-it-all and for recipes that apply to this week’s word!

This week’s word is a particularly interesting one, and if you have enough knowledge about pronunciation, you won’t have any problems saying and understanding this week’s word:  So what do you think the word means? This week’s word is: ROUX.

A)  The process of adding spices to meat over a fire.
B)  A mixture of fat and flour cooked together and used as a thickening agent.
C)  The process of mixing two different liquids together.
D)  The soft green liver of a cooked lobster.

Take your time, food fans!

Did you think of the answer? No Googling, people!

And “Roux” means…
B)  A mixture of fat and flour cooked together and used as a thickening agent.

A roux is a (typically French) cooking mixture of wheat flour and fat. This thickening agent is utilized in the three classic French sauces: sauce espagnole, sauce béchamel and sauce velouté. When used in Italian cooking, a roux is traditionally equal parts of butter and flour. It is also utilized in Cajun cooking for those famous rich sauces.

So how do you make it, anyway?

First, heat the fat in a pan and then add the flour. Stir the mixture until the flour is incorporated. The appearance depends on the length of time the mixture is heated; it can be a light hue or extremely dark in color.  The sauce can easily be cooked to desired color and temperature.

Try these amazing sauces:

Béchamel Sauce: This rich, butter sauce can be used over a variety of meat dishes or side items like mashed potatoes.

Russ’s Original Bechamel Sauce: Depending upon the food to be sauced, made with part milk, part broth (chicken broth for meat or poultry, fish stock for seafood, vegetable cooking water for eggs, cheese or vegetables).

Serve with:

French Chicken Breasts

French Roasted Potatoes

Carrots Lyonnaise

Tell me, foodies: What type of sauce do you most like to savor, and what dish do you serve it with? Let me know in the COMMENTS!

Until next week!


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  • Maryanne

    I thought I knew this…oops! Great sauce recipes. I love French cooking.

  • Gerry

    Who roux!

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