Our 10 Favorite Dessert Blogs: Part 2

We are back this week with the second half of our Top 10 Dessert Blog list that we started last week. You can check out our first 5 selections here. Keep reading to see another group of our favorite dessert blogs out there!

Art of Dessert
Rianne’s story of being a mom, with two sons who have food allergies to many seemingly essential baking ingredients like eggs and gluten, is inspiring to say the least. To adapt to their changing allergies, she alters her cake and dessert recipes to omit certain ingredients. Her creations are stunningly beautiful, and we are even drooling over the healthier desserts!

Sugar Plum
This blog is a true pairing of innovative dessert design ideas and just plain good photography! Recently, she posted her White Chocolate Cheesecake Sandwich Cookies with Raspberry Buttercream that seriously made us want to leave the office in search of her kitchen. These less-than-usual desserts are some of our favorite reads each week.

and now for something Completely Delicious
Annalise is a fantastic photographer and dedicated baker of hearty desserts and foods. It’s fun to learn about cooking from someone who’s just as honestly enthusiastic about tasting her creations as we are in our own kitchens! We especially are dying to try her Key Lime Cupcakes.

Joy the Baker
Joy’s pictures are an art form not to be reckoned with, and she goes above and beyond as a foodie and blogger with her regular giveaways and helpful cooking and life advice. We love her quirky anecdotes, too! Her innovative recipes fill us with desire to be more adventurous with our own food choices, such as Chocolate Beet Cake with Beet Cream Cheese Frosting. Yum.

Oh My! Sugar High
We love the original recipes and photos from the girls at Oh My! Sugar High. They write about a huge variety of desserts, from fondant decorated cakes to homemade donuts and more.

Tell me, foodies: Which of these amazing dessert blogs will make it onto your RSS? What amazing dessert creation would you like to see recreated on Chew On That?

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