HOW TO: Host a British Tea Party

Not everyone celebrates the big game with the gusto that an American holiday deserves, so I thought I would give you insider advice on how to hold a tea party with pretty sandwiches and lovely guests (if they aren’t usually proper, you can always make them be for a day)! You don’t have to be British royalty to enjoy a party of tea, scones and clotted cream (let’s put a mimosa in there for good measure). Read on for the pretty plates, place mats and perfect sandwich creations!

Did you ever dress up your stuffed animals (er, or younger brother) and sit them down at your plastic kiddie table for a tea party? I know I did. Those stuffed animals were very particular too, so I know that actual people can be as well. What makes for the perfect afternoon tea? All you really need are tea cakes or scones, party sandwiches and tea…but why stop there? Make an event of it!

Guests, Invitations, Dress Code
If you are getting into the spirit, so should they! Get people excited by sending out PAPER (what is that, you ask, Internet addicts?) invitations. These are simply to die for! Ask guests to wear their ‘Sunday’ best; be sure to indicate that people should wear a British hat (if you like, a fascinator) or a pretty afternoon (day) dress. I love this one!

Add to the spirit with some Alice in Wonderland-inspired decorations like clocks, prop characters and quote tags you can attach to party favors like mini teacups or pretty cake pops.

The Menu

Chamomile Cranberry Tea
Strawberry Scones
Easy Orange Scones
Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
Shrimp Butter Tea Sandwiches
Turkey, Cranberry and Walnut Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches
Banana and Ginger Tea Bread
Spiced Scones with Orange Butter

How else would you make a tea party a success? What party-planning secrets are you willing to reveal? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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  • Deena

    Dress up! I love themes!

  • Ellen

    I am excited to have a British party for William and Kate’s 1st anniversary. Crazy, I know! I love the royal family.

  • Maryanne

    These cupcakes look awesome

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