Pinterest: How to Pin Your Favorite Recipes

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media tool that lets you share all of your finds on the Internet. In this guide, we are going to teach you how to pin and repin from your favorite recipe sites, like Recipe4Living and Chew on That. Keep reading to find out more about Pinterest and how to use it!

To become a member of Pinterest you must request an invite and wait to be accepted.

How Do I Add a Pin?

Adding a pin from a recipe site, like Recipe4Living is very simple, just follow these steps.

1. Find a recipe you want to add to your pinboard and copy the URL.

2. On the Pinterest site, you will see an “Add+” button on the top on the site. Click this button.

3. Three options will come up. Click the “Add a Pin” button.

4. Once you click “Add a Pin”, it will ask to Find Images.

5. Paste the Recipe4Living URL that you copied from step 1 into this slot and click “Find Images”.

6. The image will show up and then you can title the image/article/recipe.

    Don’t forget to choose the correct board for better organization!

7. Press the “Pin It” Button.

You’ve just created a Pin!


What is a Repin?

If you see an image while browsing on Pinterest, you can repin the pin and add it to your own pinboard. When you repin an existing pin, the same source link copies with your pin and the user who first pinned the image will also get credit.

How Do I Repin?

If you find something you like on Pinterest, you simply click the “Repin” button. For example, Recipe4Living will repin a great healthy recipe from Fit&Fab Living!

1. Click the “Repin” button.

    *Liking a pin is the same concept as liking something on Facebook, it just means that you liked the pin the Pinner added*

2. The image you wanted will pop up and then you must select which board you want the pin to go on. Let’s choose Healthy Recipes!

3. Click the “Pin It” button.

You’ve just repinned a pin!

There you have it: a simple guide on how to use Pinterest. Make sure to pin and repin all of your favorite recipes from and

To find out more about Pinterest, check out our guide on Running With Mascara.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or go to Pinterest’s help page.

Happy Pinning!

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  • Bernice Jones

    Thank you for the instructions. I am new to Pinerest and found this very helpful.

  • http://Verizon Vicki Handel

    The program sounds exactly like what I’ve been needing for all my recipes. I love not only collecting recipes but finding new recipes and the history/evolution behind the way the culture developed their style of eating these types of foods. This will allow me to collect the recipes both ways !

  • http://Verizon Vicki Handel

    Feel will be a perfect softwear program for my needs. I love recipes and find them so difficult manage on-line without loosing or double down loading lol ! Thank you

  • http://Verizon Vicki Handel

    The program looks excellent. I look forward to working with the program to help catalog my recipes.

  • Patsy0818

    looking forward to trying this format

  • http://Pinterest Judy

    Wow! exactly what I need…a place to save recipes & keep them organized. Anxious to try it.

  • Veronica Langley

    Great! I love this I am just starting on Pinterest and I already get email post from you so this will be great!!

  • http://Facebook Pam

    I love coffee and would like to try one of these cute colorful coffee press.

  • Tammy Holliday

    I love the recipe4living site. I am always trying recipes that I find on here & they have all turned out delicious! Thank you for such a wonderful site!

  • Glenda

    Thanks for the helpful hints.

  • Bobbie Graciano

    I love your recipe site. All he recipes I have tried were easy and fast. Thank you.

  • Bobbie Graciano

    All recipes that we tried came out very good. Thank you.

  • http://Verizon Vicki Handel

    Help. The system is telling me it doesn’t have me in the system and or recognize me every time I try to log in. While keeping my grandsons 4 & 2, I don’t recognize myself most days lol, this is frustrating. What can I do to correct this issue? Thank you for your kind assistance.

  • http://Verizon Vicki Handel

    I am requiring assistance with system recognition. It continues to inform me I’m not registered!! When in fact I’ve requested to have an invitation extended x3 already and have had one offered x 3. I have followed the instructions provided and have been able to post ! Then when I try to use the process to add a receipe it tells me I don’t exist is a member and I need to request an invitation for membership. Thus starting the circular process all over once again !!! Please tell me what I can do to facilitate closing the loop on prevention of my membership going forward !! Thank you for your kind attention to my problem. Vicki Handel 409-781-7812

  • Deena

    Hey Vicki! Are you trying to add recipes onto Pinterest or onto Recipe4Living?

  • http://Verizon Vicki Handel

    No trying to even just sign in to share comments. It’s not recognizing me as a member. States I’m not a member and must be invited as I indicated prior. I just wasn’t sure why ?

  • Deena

    Hey Vicki,

    I just invited you to Pinterest from the email you have registered here, you should receive an email soon! It does take some time though for the membership to go through.

  • virginia

    i dieting on

  • Sullivan

    Join pinterest

  • Sullivan

    Wat to join pinterest

  • Sullivan

    Want to join pinterest

  • http://pinterest norma baqrker

    I have tried to become set-up on Pinterest for many months I hear nothing from you even though I have tried many times
    Please help me It just looks great

  • Ursula Overbaugh

    Hi. I put a pic of a pie that I had baked but do not know where to add the recipe. I did not get it from a website there for I don’t know how to go about putting in on pinterest/

  • Ursula Overbaugh

    Any help would be appreciated on getting my recipe on Pinterest.WMRY

  • Susana

    how do I join and does it work?
    Susan’s Homemade Cakes

  • Susana

    how do I join and does it work?
    Susan’s Homemade Cakes

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