Foodie Vocab Monday: Emulsion

Undoubtedly, lots of you have heard the word we picked for this week’s Foodie Vocab Monday, and it’s associated with some pretty fancy and tasty cooking. Keep reading to see if you earn this week’s chef hat for guessing the meaning of this awesome word, and see some recipes that utilize emulsion!

This week’s word is fun to say, and you’ll find that it’s just as fun to throw around the kitchen! So let’s get to it! What do you think is the meaning of emulsion?

A)  The process of adding spices to meat over a fire.
B)  The process of sweating vegetables and preserving the oils.
C)  The process of mixing two different liquids so that one disperses in another.
D)  The process of drying peppers and seeds to create an even spicier flavor.

Make a guess!

There’s no point in cheating, because this is just between you and Chew on That!

And “Emulsion” is…
C) The process of mixing two different liquids so that one disperses in another.

One question, you ask? How does this relate to cooking and recipes?

Well, lots of common food items get their great flavor from two distinct liquids in their ingredients. These ingredients don’t mix together, per se, but they spread throughout the liquid so that you can still taste both! Think of your salad dressing bottle, and the little globules of oil that float in it. Oil and vinegar don’t mix, so you shake up the bottle before you use it so that they are dispersed evenly. This way, you get the taste of both on your salad.

Try these salad dressing recipes if you want to dabble in the process of emulsion in your cooking!
Balsamic Vinaigrette: This easy dressing is great on any salad!
Classic Italian Dressing: This is great on pasta salads or veggie salads!

For all of my fellow foodies out there, we also have an Emulsion Challenge that we’d like to bestow upon you! If you take up this challenge, please tell us how it goes! The recipe can be found here and is called Lobster Ravioli with Lobster Stock Reduction, Saffron Emulsion and Toasted Pumpkin Seed Oil. Now doesn’t that sound scrumptious? The emulsion in this recipe involves butter (fitting for a lobster recipe!) into oil and vegetables. This makes a fabulous topping, if we do say so ourselves.

Tell me, foodies: Will you make a recipe that involves emulsion, be it a 5 minute salad dressing or an ornate lobster tail? Did you get the answer right to this Monday’s Foodie Vocab quiz?

I’ll see you on Wednesday!


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