Foodie Vocab Monday: Pongal

Welcome back to another edition of Foodie Vocab Monday! Keep reading for a quiz, recipes and everything you need to know about the word of the day. Chances are you are a bit stumped already…

This week’s word is: Pongal. So what the heck does it mean, anyway?

And your choices are:

a.) A wrapped sushi appetizer
b.) An Eastern-European beet stew
c.) An Indian rice dish
d.) An Indian curry made popular in England in the 1960′s

No cheating!!!

We mean it!!!

And the answer?

The correct answer is: c.) An Indian rice dish

It is said that the ancient Tamil people cooked pongal and offered it to their deities. Every January, Tamilians celebrate the harvest festival of Pongal where the famously popular dish is served, boiled with milk and jaggery (whole cane sugar). The dish makes for a sweet breakfast option!

Serve up some tasty Indian rice dishes that will satisfy any craving:

Indian Lentils and Rice

Curried Rice

Basmati Rice

Curried Fish Risotto


Chicken Curry

How do you cook your rice? Do you like it as a side dish, as a filling entree with protein or as a breakfast option similar to oatmeal? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

Did you guess this week’s word? If so, congrats! If not…better luck next time. ;)

Until next Monday,


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  • Gerd

    I was wrong! Thanks for the lesson!

  • Ellen

    I didn’t know the answer! Thanks for the recipes……I like to make new foods on the weekend.

  • Maryanne

    Nice. I like this kinda stuff.

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