Happy National Granola Bar Day!

It’s National Granola Bar Day, and we’re here to ask a few important questions. 1. Do you eat granola? 2. What are the health benefits of granola? and 3. Do you know you can make your own granola bars, and not just buy them? Keep reading to learn this and more from your fun food fact provider, Jen!

Granola is a very healthy food that is customarily a part of cereal, but it can be used to make a lot of fantastic recipe. Check out this list of recipes that involve granola!

Oat Granola Bars: Wholesome oats and raisins make this a healthier granola bar.

Fruity Bits Granola Crunch: This snack mix really satisfies, and it’s only 100 calories.

Caramel Nut Granola Chicken Salad with Feta and Dates: This is a different take on classic recipe. The caramel flavor of the Granola Snacks gives this recipe the WOW factor!

Granola is a great source of fiber, especially vitamins and minerals. Try making granola at home, and add it to some of your other recipes like chicken and trail mix. Not only does it add great flavor, it’s good for you.

Tell us: What’s your favorite flavor of granola?

See ya next week! Jennifer

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