Foodie Vocab Monday: Florentine

This Monday we are bringing back an old favorite on the Chew on That blog: Foodie Vocab! Keep reading for a quiz, recipes and everything you need to know about the word of the day!

This week’s word is: Florentine (adjective). So what the heck does it mean, anyway?

And your choices are:

a.) To be thinly sliced, similar to a julienne of vegetables.
b.) To be cooked or prepared with roast chicken.
c.) To be cooked or prepared with spinach.
d.) To be stuffed with finely ground meat.

No cheating!

And the answer?

The correct answer is: c.) To be cooked or prepared with spinach.

In Latin, the term is known as Florentinus; of or from the city of Florence, Italy. It refers to dishes containing a chopped spinach, often served with a Mornay sauce alongside eggs. It has been said that Catherine de Medici ‘introduced’ spinach to the royal court of France and that she deemed any dish containing spinach ‘Florentine’ in order to pay tribute to her homeland of Italy.

Here are some of my favorite Florentine recipes!

Easy Eggs Florentine
Tomato Florentine Soup
Turkey Florentine
Florentine White Bean Soup with Pasta
Florentine Baked Beans

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Do you have a favorite Florentine/spinach recipe? Feel free to share it on!

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  • Merry

    I love spinach, and all of these recipes look fabulous! Is there a word for adding garlic to everything, because that’d be me!

  • Emilie

    If you like to use heads of garlic, Merry, you’re probably a garlic-head! ;)

  • Ellen

    Love the pics!

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