Will We Have to Live Without Hostess?

The legendary Hostess bakery is again filing for bankruptcy, and the situation has everyone wondering, will we have to live without all the Hostess treats we’ve grown to love over the past 50+ years? Keep reading to learn all about the situation, and tell us about your favorite Hostess products!Everyone has a favorite Hostess product. From Cupcakes to Twinkies to Snowcaps to Hohos, there is something for every taste in sweets.

Earlier this week, news broke that the company had filed for bankruptcy again (the first time was in 2004). However, there is no reason to worry, at least as of yet!

Snacks will continue to be produced as normal while the whole process is going on, and they are just hoping to reorganize some of their debt and make secure jobs for their employees. Phew!

Hostess also manufactures the incredibly popular Wonder Bread. Here is a list of 3 great recipes that you can make with Wonder Bread!

French Toast
Grilled Cheese and Tuna Sandwiches
Stuffing with Cranberries

Tell us: What Hostess product is your favorite?

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  • Marijo Keller

    I remember when I was a kid, Hoho’s an King Dong’s came in silver tin foil wrappers. Since that time, they have changed in taste. I have found many new favorites, but they have not came back, and I was wondering if Hostess plans on bringing back their full line of snacks?

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