Hearty Dinner Thursday: Seafood Edition

In the history of Hearty Dinner Thursday, we’ve covered everything from rich meaty casseroles to vegetarian entrees like lasagna. In our review, we have not covered all of the delicious ways that seafood can be used to make delectable and filling meals. Keep reading to see our meal suggestions, and tell us about your favorite seafood.

Check out our top 5 hearty seafood dinners!

Shrimp Pasta with Sun-dried Tomatoes:  This meal is one that I really enjoy cooking and eating. It is sweet, savory and just delicious. This is a meal that I prepare when want something different and not that expensive. Please enjoy!

Lobster Newburg: This extravagant dish is actually a simple way to cook lobster and incredible impressive tasting.

Clam Chowder: This is a recipe I got from my mother. And a family hit it is.

Salmon Carbonara:  This salmon and linguine dish features bacon, tomato, and a creamy sauce.

Tilapia Saute: This is an easy dish that manages to be creamy without being overwhelmingly heavy. Very flavorful without a lot of work.

Tips for making a seafood dish extra hearty:
1. Sprinkle cheese (Parmesan or Romano complement fish well) liberally on top of finished entrees.
2. Soaking fish in half and half before cooking can lock in a flavorful moisture through the cooking process.
3. If possible, buy fish that is fresh, and don’t freeze it before cooking. Your dish will taste noticeably richer and less fishy.

Tell us: What is your favorite seafood entree?

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  • Shilo

    This looks DELICIOUS!

  • http://gigieatscelebrities.wordpress.com/ GiGi Eats Celebrities

    Oh my! Favorite seafood entree! SOOOO MANY but I have to say my dad’s salmon baked with clam sauce is probably my favorite, it’s just out of this world amazing. I do however ADORE sashimi and could eat Hamachi kama until the cows came home!

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