Are You a Honey Badger in the Kitchen?

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A relatively new YouTube sensation called “Honey Badger Don’t Care” causes us to reassess all of our priorities when it comes to food (check it out here). Picky eaters and those with sensitive stomachs, beware – this ravaging mammal will do anything to save his panging stomach, whether it involves ransacking a buzzing beehive or chowing down on a poisonous cobra. This honey badger eats anything, at any time, and redefines our notions of “thick skin”. Keep reading to see our biggest food dares, and tell us if you’d eat them! The video of the adventurous honey badger has inspired us to make a list of some of our biggest food dares. These dares don’t just involve trying a weird-looking food, and they are truly for those foodies who love risk-taking and sacrificing for the sake of eating a good meal.

#1 Potentially Poisonous
Honey badgers regularly eat deadly snakes, and sometimes a little dose of poison can be slept off. Could you say the same? We definitely don’t dare you to eat poisonous meat, but foodies regularly eat Tiger Blowfish (or fugu), from Japan. Parts of this fish, including the skin and liver, cause paralysis and even death if eaten. Chefs in its native country of Japan must study and be certified in order to be declared safe to prepare the fish. Whole fish are not sold in stores, only the fillets. If the right precautions are taken, there is almost no danger in eating this fish. Regardless, would you be daring enough to try it?

#2 Just Plain Difficult to Eat
Encountering a very alive beehive in the hope of getting a sweet treat or digging a small mammal out of a burrow sound like meals that aren’t even worth the enormous effort. Lots of regular human food takes lots of extra effort to prepare or eat, but tell us, would you go to these lengths?

#3 Change Your Schedule
If disturbances are about, honey badgers are known to become nocturnal and eat a completely different diet of night creatures. Would you completely immerse yourself in a new type of food? Here’s a list of daring recipes to try from South America and Europe, tell us if you’d eat them!

Mexican Lengua
English Pate
Honduran Tamales
Pain Bagnat

Tell us: Which weird foods and habits are too strange to try?

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