Hearty Dinner Thursday: Stuffed Vegetables

It’s the first Thursday of the new year, so we’re putting a new spin on our traditional hearty dinner ideas. Keep reading to see the surprising items that made this week’s list, and tell us which ones you plan to make tonight and this weekend!

Here are our 4 favorite stuffed vegetable recipes! While some have meat and some are vegetarian, they are all a bit healthier than our usual recommendations.

Stuffed Mushrooms: A classic favorite, this recipe includes cheese and bacon – great for non-seafood eaters.

Stuffed Peppers:  I never cared much for stuffed peppers until I tasted this recipe. Homemade cornbread or corn pudding is a nice accompaniment to this dish.

Easy Stuffed and Grilled Jalapenos:  These are a great appetizer for any party! Superbowl, World Series, Family BBQ….. sliced Jalapenos, stuffed with cheese…Mmm!!

Stuffed Tomatoes: Stuffed tomatoes are one of my favorite appetizers ever! You have to try this recipe!

Tell us: Which vegetable will you stuff?

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